What we offer:

  • Diverse and hand picked once wed, new and sample designer dresses at affordable prices.  Pictures of our gowns are posted on FB, click here to view   
  • Dresses that actually fit.  We carry sizes from 0-26.
  • No wait times.  Yes you can take your dress home that day!
  • Exclusive appointments providing you the full attention you deserve.  Who doesn't love cozy and private sessions?
  • Bridal accessories to complete the full look
  • Flower girl dresses & bridesmaid skirts 



No Prossure

It's just little ol' me, Marcia (pronounced Marsha).  I'm your gal on the other end of the phone, email and social media.  I'm also the one greeting you at the door and helping you into dresses. Thank you for trusting me with your precious dress or with finding your dress, it means the world to me.  


A glimpse on the inside:

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